Filing a Complaint About Car Malfunction Accident

Posted on August 28, 2018 · Posted in Law, National State Local

Some causes of car accidents involve car malfunction with either the engine, tires, or other internal car parts that may affect the overall performance of a vehicle. The critical element to investigate over is whose fault it is behind the accident. Sometimes, another driver is at fault for causing a particular crash like cutting off a car in the right lane. In cases like that, the one who is at fault should shoulder the damages caused in the accident. However, what if it is not the driver’s fault in a crash, and is caused by a malfunction of the car? Then a car owner has the right to file a complaint to investigate whether the car malfunction is caused by a car factory defect and not caused by the car owner’s reckless driving or car negligence. Here is how you can file a complaint to see whether a car factory defect caused the car accident you experienced.

Common Car Defects Causing Accidents

It is essential to know which car parts caused the accident. Some of the most common car defects come from malfunctions in airbags that failed to deploy or deployed late in a crash. Seat belts may also cause further injuries because they sometimes unbuckle during or before an accident happens.

Contacting the Right Agency

In the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the one who accepts complaints and investigates whether a vehicle defect causes an accident. You can reach them in three ways, through their hotline, online, or by mail. The most convenient would be online because regardless of where you are you may directly file a complaint in a click.

Writing Your Complaint

Next thing to do is actually to file your complaint. In the online form, you only need to mention precise details of your car like car model, car brand, car part that malfunctions or malfunctioned, and the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN that is listed on your registration form. Details of the incidence of the accident or how the vehicle malfunctioned. You would have to mention which car part malfunctions or malfunction, how it malfunctions or malfunctioned, and whether you have taken any action about the car malfunction. If any lives were lost, or injuries that happened to you or others involved because of the accident, you should also include that in your complaint. Do not forget to indicate contact information in your claim about the agency to contact you whether your petition is filed and recognized.

Taking Action After the Accident

After filing the complaint do not hesitate to take action after the incident. Always contact an experienced and reliable law firm or lawyer in your area like car accident lawyer Corpus Christi. Lawyers can conduct a private investigation on the defect of your car. Remember to collect any evidence like pictures and videos of the accident which proves that a car defect caused the crash. Moreover, a witness can also be of help in these cases, and a witness could be a person in the car with you when the accident happened.

Always know and protect your rights when cases like this happen to you, remember to have your lawyer on call when an accident like this occurs.