Employing Overseas Workers in the Uk

Posted on March 28, 2017 · Posted in National State Local, Patents

Employers in the UK are kind of problematic because despite with the fact that recession is evident in this country, their government can’t still fill up some of the vacancies in their businesses. They still need more workers thus they find it a must to seek out overseas workers.

However, employing overseas workers in the UK is not really that easy. The requirements are just quite complicated that employers are finding it hard to comply with them. They find it struggling to find the right talents that can fill up the vacancies of their businesses.

One of the ways to resolve this situation is for the employers to ask assistance from the Home Office. This way, they will be granted with a Sponsor License to employ overseas workers. The most used for this is through the sponsored visa. This is where a worker will be allowed to work in the UK provided he is sponsored by an employer.

Here is what an employer should do to sponsor an overseas worker to work in the UK.

  1. He needs to apply for the sponsorship and wait to be granted.
  2. He must first make sure that no EEA can be hired to do the job.
  3. He needs to issue a certificate of sponsorship to the overseas applicant.
  4. The applicant, on the other hand, must be approved of tier 2 general visa before he can come to the UK to work.

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