5 Ways to Protect and Preserve the Crime Scene and Evidence

Posted on January 2, 2019 · Posted in Law, National State Local

Today, crimes are very rampant as many people committed crimes due to misbehavior. It seems that crimes are very typical these days. You may witness on the street a pickpocketer, a hit, and run, or a murder. The world is now full of people who are committing crimes and thinking that they can get through it. As they say, people are getting mad, crazy, and out of control. Even prisons are already being congested due to many criminals today. In everyday television, you will hear a lot of news regarding crimes and even inside the home, crimes happened. When it arrived at your place, make sure not to destroy the piece of evidence. The evidence is significant in solving a crime so make sure not to tamper the crime scene. In this article, we will tackle some things regarding it.

5 Ways To Protect and Preserve the Crime Scene and Evidence At Your Home or Property

Set-up a Perimeter

Make sure to establish a perimeter at the crime scene, and the police officers will do it. But in case the authorities doesn’t arrive yet, you can leave the property to avoid contamination and to secure the place. Or if the crime happened in a specific area, for example, inside the room then close the office or do not enter into it.

Forbid a Non-involved or Unauthorized Personnel to Enter the Crime Scene

There are cases that people in the neighborhood might interfere so avoid them getting inside the crime scene. Or even the people at your home who are not involved in the crime. As much as possible, leave the crime scene or stay away from it. If it is necessary, call an ambulance so the authorities are the one who can enter into the crime scene and rescue anyone that needs medical assistance.

Record Everything

Make sure to document everything. Record names who interact with you when you find the crime scene, jot down your observation, take pictures, record videos, or any means where you can document. But make sure not to tamper any pieces of evidence.

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Do Not Move Things Unnecessarily

Keep things as is, unless you need to move stuff that might be blocking the victim’s body. For example, the person is under a fallen object and hard to get out, you can move the object to rescue the person. But as much as you can, wait for the authorities if it is not an emergency or if the person is conscious and at the right state of mind.

Use Protective Gears To Avoid Contaminating or Destroying Important Forensic Evidence

If it is inevitable to go inside the crime scene, make sure to use protective gears such as hand gloves, face mask, and hair net. This way, you will protect the crime scene and yourself too. Remember that you can be a suspect also at this point. There are crime scene cleaners who will take care of the area once the investigation is done, so you don’t need to worry about anything regarding cleaning and disposal of contaminated stuff. You can find a reputable cleaning company here for your cleaning needs other than crime scene cleaning.